Better late than never on Gailey ouster

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John Clayton on the Chiefs change at offensive coordinator (0:58)

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Really, the only surprise about Chan Gailey's ouster as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City is that it took this long.

I was shocked Gailey was retained when Todd Haley took over as head coach for Herm Edwards at the end of last season. Haley is known as an aggressive coach whose offense in Arizona was explosive. Gailey is much more conservative and he was often criticized for the non-attacking style he used in Kansas City.

The new Kansas City leadership, led by general manager Scott Pioli, was not shy about cleaning out folks from the old regime. Yet, somehow, Gailey survived.

It just never looked like a good fit. There was a hint of discord earlier this summer when Haley said he wouldn't be calling the plays initially. Then, things blew up this weekend when the offense seemed to take a step backward. Thus, two weeks before opening day, Haley made the move.

While it is not ideal to make such a huge coaching decision so close to the season, the Chiefs stopped the bleeding. The offense can rebound from this.

The main reason is that Haley is so heavily involved with the offense. Now it's his baby. That's a good thing. As long as Haley can delegate other responsibilities, the Chiefs will only be better served with him working with the offense more.

The reason I think this Kansas City regime will eventually have success is that Pioli and Haley appear to be on the same page. They are both no-nonsense guys who don't care about hurting feelings if they have to be successful. They are serious about their jobs.

They didn't care out the perception of blowing out Gailey so close to the start of the season. They realized they made a mistake and they fixed it.

How can that be argued with?

The speculation is that Haley will promote Maurice Carthon to the offensive coordinator role. That wouldn't be a bad move. The two were together in Arizona and Haley respects and trusts Carthon.

Carthon is a running specialist and Haley expects the team is going to have to grind out wins this year, so that fits. Even though Haley earned his stripes in the passing game, he is not afraid to run the ball 40 times a game if that's what it takes.

And that's what Monday's move showed: Pioli and Haley will do what it takes to fix problems in Kansas City.