Encouraging news on Robert Griffin III

I owe my Washington Redskins fans an apology. I was tired yesterday afternoon. The day was kind of dragging, but I needed another post for the late afternoon. I didn't have any good, creative ideas and I just kind of wasn't feeling it. I imagine we've all had days like this.

Anyway, I saw the Ed Werder "SportsCenter" video about whether Robert Griffin III might or might not have to miss some more time due to his knee injury. And I thought, "Hey! RG III. Guaranteed page views. Easy post, just write around Ed's video." So I did, and the general theme of the post was that Griffin might have to miss some more time.

And I guess he might, but that doesn't mean it was necessarily right of me to scare the Redskins fans like that. So I'm sorry. I hope this makes up for it:

Griffin was a full participant in Wednesday's practice, according to Mike Jones of The Washington Post:

Griffin said he was able to practice full speed. He said he didn't feel any weakness or limitation in his knee.

"Today was really encouraging for me, the doctors. It felt really good," Griffin said.

Asked whether there were benefits to not playing last week Griffin said: "I'm ready to play whenever they say I'm ready to play."

Now, I don't know that this means for sure that he'll play. But it's a heck of a lot more encouraging than what we were talking about here Tuesday. And it's encouraging that he was a full participant this Wednesday when he was not that a Wednesday ago. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has said it's completely up to team doctors -- i.e., not him or Griffin -- whether Griffin plays. So until we hear from them, it's no sure thing that Kirk Cousins doesn't get another start. For the time being, though, Redskins fans have more reason for optimism on Griffin than they have at any time in the past 10 days.