Tim Tebow deserves better from Jets

Somehow, the New York Jets have made Tim Tebow a sympathetic figure.

No one could have predicted that at the beginning of the season. Tebow entered the season as the reigning champion of unwarranted media hype. He has a fan base larger than most Pro Bowl players. Why would anyone feel sorry for Tebow?

But as the season progressed, the Jets gradually sucked the life out of Tebow-mania.

It started by using Tebow, a playoff-game-winning quarterback, as a punt protector on special teams. It continued when the Jets clumsily used Tebow in ineffective ways on offense and when backbiting teammates ripped him in the media. New York also botched Tebow's diagnosis of two broken ribs.

But the final straw came Tuesday, when Tebow was passed over for the starting role after the benching of Mark Sanchez in favor of third-stringer Greg McElroy. Jets head coach Rex Ryan said McElroy gives the team the best chance to win, although there's no proof of that beyond the quarter and a half McElroy played against the Arizona Cardinals.

Tebow, who has won games in the regular season and playoffs, has to feel slighted and deceived by his own coaching staff. He's rightfully frustrated and confused about why the Jets acquired him in the first place.

"Some things are hard to understand," Tebow told reporters.

The harsh truth is that Ryan and Co. don’t believe in Tebow, who was only the No. 2 quarterback in theory. When it came time to prove it, the Jets showed Tebow their true colors. They simply don't think Tebow is good enough to run New York's anemic offense, which is 30th in the NFL.

Tebow is not the best quarterback in NFL. But he certainly deserved better from the Jets this season.

I actually feel sorry for what Tebow has gone through with "Gang Green."