Four possible destinations for Tim Tebow

The New York Jets laughably will attempt to trade former starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and his guaranteed $8.25 million salary for next season. That's not going to happen.

But a more realistic possibility is the Jets shipping fellow backup quarterback Tim Tebow to another team.

ESPNNew York.com's Rich Cimini reports the Jets will look to trade both quarterbacks. While Sanchez is overpriced and underproductive, Tebow could have some value on the trade market. He is a proven winner with an affordable contract. The Jets won't ask for much, perhaps just a low-round draft pick, to move away from Tebowmania.

What are some possible destinations for Tebow?

The AFC East blog examines.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis: The Jaguars were in a bidding war for the Jets last year for Tebow. He is a Jacksonville native and former star at the University of Florida in nearby Gainesville. Both teams offered the same compensation, and Tebow had his choice. He unwisely chose the Jets because they were a better team. But New York botched the Tebow experiment so bad that you wonder if Tebow regrets not joining his hometown team. Jacksonville may still be open-minded about getting Tebow a year later, especially at a cheaper price. Tebow could immediately boost ticket sales, which the Jaguars desperately need. Jacksonville also is in the market for a quarterback, and Tebow could compete for the job there.

Chances: Decent

New England Patriots

Analysis: It's hard to imagine the Jets trading with their biggest rival. But if they want to get rid of Tebow bad enough, the Patriots may be willing to take him in. New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is the former head coach who drafted Tebow in Denver. The Patriots also met with Tebow during the pre-draft process and liked his character and work ethic. They also have a coaching staff creative enough to utilize Tebow's strengths. New England is notorious for taking downtrodden players when their values are its lowest. Sometimes it works out (Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Aqib Talib) and sometimes it doesn't (Albert Haynesworth, Chad Johnson). But in all cases, the Patriots "bought low" and therefore have no problem cutting bait if necessary.

Chances: Average

Green Bay Packers

Analysis: NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert explained that Green Bay spoke very highly of Tebow before the 2010 draft. This is an organization with a proven track record for developing quarterbacks, and perhaps Green Bay can make something out of Tebow. Pro Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers also needs a backup. The Packers lost Matt Flynn to free agency last year and currently has a shaky No. 2 quarterback in Graham Harrell. Tebow for a very cheap price could be a possibility. He is a better option behind Rodgers than Harrell.

Chances: Average

New Orleans Saints

Analysis: NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas brought up this intriguing, dark-horse possibility. Yasinskas pointed out that Sean Payton is returning from his year-long suspension and has the creative offensive mind to utilize Tebow, perhaps as a tailback, H-back or tight end. Tebow should be more open-minded about a position change after this year's debacle in New York. But this may be a long shot.

Chances: Remote