Hey, NFC West 'held' Megatron to 372 yards

Calvin Johnson's 225 yards for the Detroit Lions on Saturday night helped him break Jerry Rice's NFL single-season record for receiving yardage.

That's quite an achievement.

Around here, NFC West teams can take some pride in having "held" Johnson to 372 yards in games against Arizona (121 yards), St. Louis (111), San Francisco (94) and Seattle (46). Johnson's total against Atlanta on Saturday night represented 60 percent of his four-game total against the NFC West.

Johnson's presence was valuable even when he wasn't racking up yards. He forced the Seahawks to change their coverage tactics. That helped teammates Titus Young, Brandon Pettigrew and Tony Scheffler combine for 220 yards in a game the Lions won.

The chart ranks players from outside the NFC West by receiving yardage against NFC West teams. Johnson heads the list. Chicago's Brandon Marshall needs 116 yards against Arizona in Week 16 to overtake Johnson for the top spot.

2012 Most Receiving Yards vs. NFC West by Players Outside Division