On going unbeaten or winless in division

The familiarity of division games make them unpredictable, no matter how good a team is or how bad a team is.

Going 6-0 or 0-6 is awfully difficult.

That’s why I laughed off predictions of the Texans going undefeated in the division from excited readers in the offseason. Yet Houston is a win in Indianapolis from a 6-0 AFC South season.

That’s why I would have thought it far-fetched for the Titans to go winless in the division. Yet a home loss Sunday to Jacksonville will mean Tennessee goes 0-6 in the AFC South.

If Houston pulls off 6-0 it will be quite an accomplishment.

The same can be said of an 0-6 for the Titans.

Last year, Tennessee was 7-6 when it went to Indianapolis to play the atrocious, 0-13 Colts. The Colts pulled off a 27-13 win.

It was a terrible loss -- and if the Titans had won that game they would have finished 10-6 instead of 9-7 and been a playoff team.

But stuff like that happens in division games.

The thing is, stuff like that hasn’t happened in division games for the Titans this season.

The trade off for losing to a pathetic Indianapolis team last year should be that a bad Titans team sprung an upset in the division this year.

Hand the Texans an unexpected loss that messes up a big season. Show the country that while the Colts are in the rise, a division foe can still find a method to beat them. At the very least, go to Jacksonville and beat a bad Jaguars team that’s in the running for the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Instead the Titans have done this:

  • 38-14 at Houston

  • 19-13 OT vs. Indianapolis

  • 24-19 at Jacksonville

  • 24-10 at Houston

  • 27-23 at Indianapolis

Mike Munchak will meet with Bud Adams shortly after the season ends, and tell the team’s owner why the franchise is on the right course and he should stay in place after two years of his four-year contract.

The team’s top football executive, Mike Reinfeldt, and general manager, Ruston Webster, will defend their work, and Munchak’s.

And Adams, who fumed publicly after two of the Titans’ worst losses this year, will decide how to move forward.

If the Titans go 0-6 in the AFC South, Munchak may deserve to be fired.

A season finale for a bad team shouldn’t tip the scales much. But this franchise can make somewhat of a statement with a good showing and a win over the Jaguars.

It can do something, small as it may be, to soften the sting of 55-7 at Green Bay.