Greg Schiano: 'Nothing is untouchable'

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano just did his season wrap-up meeting with the media and it sure sounds like his second offseaon with the Buccaneers will be much like his first.

“Nothing is untouchable,’’ Schiano said, when describing how he’ll approach his offseason evaluations.

Schiano said he’ll get away for a few days and then begin intensive evaluations on personnel, coaching and every other phase of the organization.

“We’ve got to be honest with each other and say, “How are we going to get better?’’ Schiano said. “Without evaluation, there is no progress.’’

The Bucs finished 7-9 and their season was filled with peaks and valleys. They got off to a 6-4 start, but followed that with a five-game losing streak that took them out of playoff contention.

“We didn’t win the Super Bowl, so I’m very disappointed about that,’’ Schiano said.

But not everything was bad.

“There was a lot of positive that happened this year,’’ Schiano said. “A ton of positive. There are brighter days ahead and there are opportunities to realize the ultimate goal.’’

Schiano didn’t want to talk in detail about specific players until after he completes his evaluations. He did say he saw some good things out of quarterback Josh Freeman, but also realizes there is room for improvement.

Schiano said he had no regrets about trading away cornerback Aqib Talib in a season in which the Bucs finished at the bottom of the league in pass defense.

“I believed that was the best thing for Buccaneers organization to get to where we want to go,’’ Schiano said.

One of Schiano’s top goals when he took the job was to change the culture of the organization.

“We’ve taken big steps to change the culture,’’ Schiano said. “It’s not completely changed.’’

Like everything else, Schiano said the culture change is a work in progress.

“You need to make your culture so strong that anybody that comes in from the outside, they just get swept up in how things are done,’’ Schiano said.