Rivers is a selling point for San Diego

The 2012 NFL season has reaffirmed that this is a quarterback league. It starts and finishes at the position.

With so much competition for head coaches this offseason, the teams with the best quarterbacks will have an edge.

You can argue the San Diego Chargers have the best quarterback situation of the teams that fired their coach on Monday. The Chicago Bears with Jay Cutler could also vie for top talent.

But Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is just 31 and he has several more years left in his career. He has a better reputation around the league than Cutler, so I can see many coaches preferring to work with Rivers.

There is no doubt Rivers has declined in the past two years. But I think it is correctable. It needs to be noted that Rivers threw just one interception in the final six games and he wasn’t intercepted in the final four.

That is tangible proof that he can play with ball security. He just needs more talent around him. The offensive talent pool in San Diego has shrunk incredibly and will need a lot of help.

With a new philosophy, a new voice and more talent, Rivers can still be successful.