Pagano, Arians know Ravens well

Too much is made of a former coach or player going against his old team.

But the Colts do get a slight edge as they prepare for a wild-card round playoff game at Baltimore.

Coach Chuck Pagano, safety Tom Zbikowski and defensive lineman Cory Redding were all with the Ravens in 2011. Pagano was defensive coordinator.

He smiles when Indianapolis reporters asked him if he’ll spend a bit of extra time with the offense this week.

“There’s a good chance it may happen,” he said.

Asked for more he continued:

“If I tell you, I might as well call John [Harbaugh] and tell him exactly what I’m telling our guys and then they may go and change everything. No disrespect. Like I said initially, there’s going to be some things. I can sit down and watch some tape with anybody on the offensive side of the ball, with the coaches, and if there’s some questions that need to be answered based on coverages, and fronts, and techniques, and personnel and things like that, then obviously having spent the past four years there, I would be crazy not to spend some time with them.”

Pagano is hardly the only resource among the coaches. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians spent the past eight years with the Steelers, preparing for the Ravens twice annually as AFC North rivals.

“Bruce knows that defense, he knows that scheme,” Pagano said. "He knows that personnel, other than the new guys that are there. I think going into this ballgame, I think it’ll really help us getting started and being able to put together a plan that will give us a chance to go win that football game.”

Meanwhile in Baltimore, Harbaugh laughed at the notion he could glean any insight about Colts quarterback Andrew Luck from his brother Jim, the 49ers coach who worked with Luck at Stanford.

“What are you going to get?” John Harbaugh asked. You can see it on tape. He’s a tremendous quarterback. He’s got pluses, and he has things that aren’t so plus. So, it’s like any quarterback. We’ll be looking forward to playing against him.”

Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell was head coach of the Colts from 2009-11. While he will know some of the leftover personnel, the defense he's scheming against is more like the one in Baltimore than the one he coached in Indianapolis.