Final Power Rankings: AFC North outlook

Here's a recap of the final regular-season Power Rankings:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 10

My ranking: No. 10

2012 record: 10-6

Comment: The Ravens remained at No. 10 after their backups failed to win in Cincinnati. Still, in losing four of their last five, the Ravens don't have the feel of a top-10 team. Baltimore dropped four spots from the Week 1 Power Rankings.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 11

My ranking: No. 11

2012 record: 10-6

Comment: The Bengals couldn't leapfrog the Ravens after beating them, but three of the five voters on the Power Rankings did have Cincinnati over Baltimore. John Clayton had the Bengals four spots below the Ravens, which allowed Baltimore to stay ahead of Cincinnati. Since the Week 1 Power Rankings, the Bengals improved five spots.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 17

My ranking: No. 16

2012 record: 8-8

Comment: Seven weeks ago, the Steelers were a top-10 team. By the end of the season, they are barely in the top 20. Pittsburgh had one of the biggest falls from Week 1, dropping nine spots from the season-opening Power Rankings.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 24

My ranking: No. 26

2012 record: 5-11

Comment: The Browns did better than what the voters in the Power Rankings originally thought. Cleveland was ranked 31st in the Week 1 Power Rankings and made a seven-spot improvement by the end of the regular season. That was the biggest jump in the division from the beginning to the end of the season.

Here are my rankings:

1. Broncos

2. Falcons

3. 49ers

4. Patriots

5. Seahawks

6. Redskins

7. Colts

8. Packers

9. Texans

10. Ravens

11. Bengals

12. Vikings

13. Bears

14. Cowboys

15. Giants

16. Steelers

17. Rams

18. Panthers

19. Saints

20. Chargers

21. Dolphins

22. Buccaneers

23. Bills

24. Titans

25. Jets

26. Browns

27. Cardinals

28. Lions

29. Eagles

30. Raiders

31. Jaguars

32. Chiefs