RG III says his knee is healing

In advance of Sunday's playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said at his weekly news conference that his injured right knee is feeling better and seemed to indicate that the main thing holding him back from running full speed is the brace he's wearing on it. Per John Keim:

“It’s getting close to being just mostly the brace,” Griffin said. “Doctors won’t let me take it off and I don’t believe [trainer Larry Hess] will let me take it off. I try to do as much as I can without the brace and then when they find out I don’t have it on I have to throw it on… I can feel it healing; I might not wear the brace this week. But I’m sure Larry is shaking his head downstairs.”

Griffin, who has played two games since sitting out one because of the sprained lateral collateral ligament, said the brace causes a natural limp. It’s harder to bend his knee because the brace restricts the flexion as well as the extension of the knee.

“It’s to protect the ligaments,” Griffin said. “So there will be a limp, but at the same time you can still generate power.”

Griffin did rush for 63 yards on six carries Sunday night against the Cowboys, but he obviously does not appear to be his normal fluid self when he runs. The brace is there to guard against further injury, though, and with what the Redskins have invested in Griffin as the centerpiece of the future, you can bet they're going to wait until they're about a million percent certain he can't re-injure the knee if he plays without it. I'd expect the brace to be a fixture for the rest of the Redskins' season, whether that's one game or four. And if that robs Griffin of a little bit of his explosiveness, I think the Redskins just need to live with that for the greater good. He's certainly shown he can be extremely effective while wearing it.