On RG III, that 6-8 months seems optimistic

Like most of you, I was asleep when this Chris Mortensen report broke in the middle of the night. While earlier reports said Dr. James Andrews would determine the extent of the damage to Robert Griffin III's right ACL when he went in this morning to repair the LCL, Mort reports that Andrews had already determined the ACL needed repair as well.

A lot of this will be moot in a short time, since the surgery apparently began around 7 a.m. ET and is ongoing. But Mort says team sources are telling him Griffin's expected recovery time is six to eight months and will allow him to be ready to start the 2013 season. This part seems a little bit too optimistic to me. Here's the post I did last night on the challenges that go along with repairing the same ACL for a second time (Griffin tore it in 2009 while at Baylor), and everyone I've talked to said there would be no way to forecast a recovery time until the surgeon could get a visual inspection of the knee and determine how much other damage has been done to cartilage, etc.

I have no doubt that Mort's sources gave him the six- to eight-month recovery timetable, but he identifies them as team sources, and the Redskins are a team that has been either wrong or misleading about almost every aspect of Griffin's knee injury since he first sustained it in Week 14. You simply can't trust them on this anymore, if you ever could.

So my advice would be to sit tight, wait for news from the surgery, see how much we learn about what was and is still wrong with Griffin's knee and then base your hopes, fears and projections on that. Also, take any information that comes directly from the Redskins with a few grains of salt. I understand preaching patience in a situation like this can be futile, but with the surgery under way, it shouldn't be too long before we have more information.