Eagles probably being used, but that's OK

Look, I could be wrong here. Brian Kelly could end up leaving Notre Dame and becoming the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and I'll feel like an idiot. Would absolutely not be the first time. But from here, what this looks like is an attempt by Kelly to get a sweeter deal in South Bend. Kind of a transparent attempt, actually. And if it is, good for him. That's how the world works, after all. That's how you get raises. Make 'em think somebody else wants you.

Would this mean the Eagles are being used as a pawn in this game? It would, yes. But there's no harm in that. It's not as though the Eagles are putting off other interviews while they wait for Kelly to come back from vacation. They're still talking to Lovie Smith today and proceeding with the methodical process of trying to find their next head coach. They are not, as we discussed Wednesday, behind any kind of reasonable timetable here and they're determined to find the right guy.

So Kelly, who led the Fighting Irish into the national title game this season, is an interesting fellow and worth talking to. Maybe he's not serious about the Eagles. Heck, maybe they're not serious about him. Maybe they like his agent and want to do the guy a favor. The worst thing that happens out of all of this is that they get to spend some time with Kelly and find out about him. Maybe that ends up helping them down the road, if not now. The Eagles are only going to hire one man to be their head coach, but that doesn't mean the other interviews they do along the way will have been useless. You never know when you'll cross paths with someone again in the future, and any experience with or information about them could help when and if you do.

And yeah, who knows? Maybe Kelly turns out to be their guy. I'm skeptical, mainly because it's my job and my nature to be, but stranger things surely have happened. Even if that's not what ends up happening here, I wouldn't get too worked up about it.