Time to put on your gloves ... or not

DENVER -- As expected, it's absolutely frigid here at Mile High. The current temperature is 14 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel like 3 degrees.

During warm-ups, Peyton Manning is wearing gloves on both hands. The nerve damage has caused weakness in his right arm after spinal fusion surgery, and the glove helps him improve his grip on the ball, especially in the severe cold weather.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco hasn't worn gloves and didn't have them on today. He jokingly told The Baltimore Sun this week that he thinks a glove "looks stupid."

"I like to feel the football," Fkacci said. "Even growing up playing baseball, I never wore batting gloves. I like the feel of the ball. I could get used to wearing a glove, but I just feel like being able to feel the leather, I'd rather do that."