Tebow's brother sends message to Broncos

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow took the high road last year after he was traded by the Denver Broncos. Tebow said he understands Peyton Manning is a legend, and it made sense for the Broncos to acquire the future Hall of Fame quarterback at his expense.

But Tim Tebow's brother, Peter, didn't follow the quarterback's lead this weekend. Peter Tebow sent an interesting shot to the gut via Twitter to the Broncos and their fans Saturday night after Denver's overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Peter Tebow's comment quickly circulated over the "Twittersphere."

This incident is similar to the recent Twitter situation involving Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings and his sister. Athletes cannot control what family members feel or say about teams. Just because a family member is happy the Broncos lost doesn't guarantee Tim Tebow is also relishing in the defeat. But many will naturally tie the two together.

The Broncos did go out of their way to make the huge acquisition of Manning. They traded Tebow away and got the same result, which has to be an empty feeling for Denver and its fans.

In fact, Tebow won an exciting playoff game in Denver last year to get to the divisional round. Manning was one-and-done. That is why Tebow's brother felt the need to boast.