Falcons never doubted Matt Ryan

ATLANTA -- Although the Atlanta Falcons hadn’t won a playoff game in the Mike Smith/Matt Ryan era before Sunday’s victory against Seattle, that didn’t stop them from acting like they’ve been there before.

They have been in similar situations many times this season, winning a lot of close games in the final minutes. That’s why, in this radio interview, kicker Matt Bryant said he went to all the offensive players with a message when the Falcons got the ball back, trailing by two points with 31 seconds left.

“I told everybody we’ve done this before," Bryant said. “I kept telling them over and over we’ve done this before."

Bryant kicked a 49-yard field goal to win the game, but he wasn’t taking credit for the win. Instead, he was giving it to Ryan, who led the Falcons downfield to set up Bryant’s kick. Bryant said he never doubted Ryan would put him in position to make the kick.

“All the confidence in the world," Bryant said. “He’s a great leader. No matter if we’re 30 points up or one point down. He’s the same guy. He’s always going to be calm. He’s going to come through. He’s going to do what he’s got to do to get us in the position to win."