Trent Dilfer backs Fox's decision

Trent Dilfer understands what John Fox was thinking last Saturday night.

There has been a lot of made of the way the Denver Broncos staggered into overtime of an eventual 38-35 double overtime loss to visiting Baltimore in the AFC Divisional playoffs. With a Denver victory all but assured, Baltimore tied the game on a 70-yard bomb from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones during the final minute as Denver safety Rahim Moore made a terrible mistake by allowing Jones to get behind him.

Instead of trying to get a game-winning field goal, Fox had quarterback Peyton Manning take a knee at the Broncos’ 20-yard line with 31 seconds left and Denver having two timeouts. Fox said his team needed to regroup and go to overtime, because it was shocked by the Ravens’ touchdown.

In an ESPN conference call to talk about the NFL championship weekend, Dilfer, an ESPN analyst and a former NFL quarterback, was asked about the situation. He understood Fox’s decision.

“It's like getting kicked in the groin,” Dilfer said. "(The Baltimore touchdown) happens and it just sucked the life out of everybody on the Denver sideline. And no matter how poised these coaches are, and they are, I know John (Fox) and Jack (Del Rio) and Mike (McCoy) very well ... Their brain still had to be scrambled.

“Such an egregious error by your secondary, especially the safety, that you're sitting there and you just know the life's been sucked out of you. You're out of breath. And I think that's where discernment kind of comes in. Let's regroup before we do anything crazy here. And that's how I felt. I was so shocked by the whole thing that I kind of felt the same way, like 'wow they just need to regroup here; they just got kicked in the groin and wiser heads will prevail. Calmer heads will prevail.' Now, they didn't. But I think that's the logical thought process behind that."