Set up and ready from Georgia Dome

ATLANTA -- A few San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons players are warming up in the Georgia Dome while the homegrown Zac Brown Band practices the national anthem.

Trent Baalke, the 49ers' general manager, was one of the very first people arriving to the press box. The guys responsible for putting together NFL rosters become almost helpless on game days; their work is done, and all they can do is watch.

I'm seated with colleagues Pat Yasinskas, John Clayton and Ashley Fox right around the 35-yard line behind the Falcons' sideline. We'll be participating in a chat throughout the game before heading down to the locker rooms for postgame interviews.

I saw quite a few 49ers fans outside the stadium. They can be difficult to distinguish from Falcons fans at first glance because both teams wear quite a bit of red and white. Some 49ers jerseys incorporate lots of black, another color overlapping with the Falcons.

Thousands of tickets were available online throughout the week. The first person I saw in the lobby where I was staying near the airport was a 49ers fan. However, even fan bases that travel well can be tough to hear when the home team is playing well. From what I've seen, though, 49ers fans will be heard if San Francisco takes control of the game.