Poll: Will Patriots re-sign Wes Welker?

On Sunday night, the AFC East blog focused on the questionable future of Wes Welker with the New England Patriots. He’s had an incredibly productive career. However, missed opportunities in key moments will be part of his legacy with the Patriots.

Here is our latest AFC East poll: Will New England re-sign Welker this offseason?

Welker has five 100-catch seasons and has been a perfect fit for the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady. His production and chemistry with Brady will be hard to make up. Welker had 112 receptions in 2012 and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Is that enough for New England to sign Welker to a long-term contract?

Welker also will come with a heavy price tag. He signed a $9.5 million franchise tender in 2012 because the Patriots didn’t want to pay him long term. Welker will be 32 in May and the prospects of a long-term extension are a little more difficult a year later. The franchise tag also goes up to $11.4 for Welker in 2013. That would be strenuous on New England’s cap.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on whether Welker returns to the Patriots. You can also share your thoughts in comments section below.