Trading for Revis? A few things to consider

Darrelle Revis was a great football player before suffering a severe knee injury last season. He might again become a great football player.

But if the New York Jets are apprehensive about paying huge money to retain Revis following the 2013 season, why would another team want to trade for the right to do so?

That was the No. 1 question coming to mind upon reading reports suggesting Jets owner Woody Johnson would consider trading Revis.

James from Illinois used the most recent NFC West chat to ask whether the St. Louis Rams, armed with additional draft choices in 2013, might be wise to consider a trade for Revis. My response: an emphatic no.

The Rams already have talent at cornerback. They fared well with their 2012 draft choices and should continue building that way. St. Louis is currently in position to stock future rosters with young, affordable and healthy draft choices. There could come a time when the team would be better off trading draft capital for a single veteran player. I don't think this is the time. I don't think an injured Revis is the player.

Two years ago, I made a case for the San Francisco 49ers pursuing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in the free-agent market. The 49ers showed no interest in Asomugha. They have fielded a sometimes dominant defense over the past two seasons while going 3-1 in the playoffs and reaching the Super Bowl this year.

Would the 49ers be even better with Asomugha on their roster? Sure, at least on paper. But that situation was different. Asomugha would have cost them money, but no additional compensation. Revis would want money. The Jets would want something in return.

Former Arizona and Seattle executive John Idzik is the Jets' new general manager. The team introduced Idzik at a news conference Thursday just as stories were circulating suggesting Johnson wanted to trade Revis.

Welcome to the Jets' circus, John.

On a side note, how frequently do GMs from teams with the most successful owners have to deal with owner-generated rumors such as this one regarding Revis?

The Jets hired Idzik to help them recover from a mismanaged salary cap. The deal Revis renegotiated before the 2010 season voids after 2013 and carries millions in bonus-related salary charges that could complicate trade efforts.

Teams generally do not trade for high-priced veterans, let alone for high-priced veterans coming off injuries.

"Tell me why trading Alex Smith for Revis doesn't make sense," @TheTunks countered.

The 49ers have steadfastly avoided paying big money to players from other teams. The team prefers rewarding the players it develops, not upsetting the pecking order in the locker room by valuing outsiders at a higher level. I know that was part of the 49ers' thinking when they watched Asomugha and other high-priced free agents sign elsewhere.

Revis' deal voids after the 2013 season. Why would he settle for a lesser contact as part of a trade negotiation? He would be better off getting healthy, playing well in 2013 and then seeing whether he can reach the market through a voided contract.