Cromartie doesn't want to lose Revis

The player who temporarily replaced Darrelle Revis as the No. 1 corner on the New York Jets doesn't want it to stay that way.

Jets teammate Antonio Cromartie, who played great football after Revis went down with a knee injury, told the NFL Network from the Pro Bowl Friday that New York cannot afford to lose Revis. New York reportedly will explore trade options this offseason for Revis, who is in the final year of his contract.

"We can't lose a guy like him," Cromartie said. "(Revis is) a great leader in the locker room and also in our DB room, making sure that guys are accountable for each other. To lose a guy like that would be huge. And even though he’s coming off the surgery, I believe he'll come back as strong as ever."

Ironically, Cromartie is one of the biggest contributing factors to the Jets thinking that Revis is expendable. Cromartie played at a Pro Bowl level most of last season without Revis, and the Jets' pass defense finished second in the NFL.

Revis is due to make $6 million next season and is looking for a mega extension in 2014 that the Jets are not sure they can pay.