Pondering position changes for Tim Tebow

Soon-to-be former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is about to hit the market. The Jets are expected to release or trade the popular backup this offseason once new general manager John Idzik thoroughly reviews New York's roster.

However, Tebow will have limited suitors as a quarterback. Tebow could increase his chances of staying in the NFL next season if he's open-minded about a position change.

Here are three additional positions Tebow should consider to prolong his NFL career:

Running back

Analysis: We've seen Tebow run hard and run well. He is a very physical runner when he gets his shoulders square and he has a strong lower body to run through arm tackles. These are Tebow's biggest strengths. Tebow doesn't have the breakaway speed as a typical running back, but he's the type of player who can get tough yards and move the chains. Tebow has averaged 5.0 yards per carry in his three-year career. Any team would take that kind of average on the ground.

Tight end

Analysis: Tebow has the frame and strength to play tight end. But Tebow didn't appear too comfortable in his limited time running routes last season with the Jets, and his hands are unknown. This could mean a bigger learning curve for Tebow. But playing quarterback does give him an advantage in terms of understanding the route tree, progressions and passing assignments.


Analysis: If Tebow can't settle on running back or tight end, playing H-back is the next best option. This is a hybrid combination of tailback, fullback and tight end. Tebow's versatility could help him manage all three positions. He runs well enough to play some tailback, he's strong enough to block as a fullback and he's mobile enough to run routes as a tight end. But it would take a very creative offensive coach to use all the strengths Tebow brings to the table. He didn't have that kind of coaching in New York.