Sorry, not buying Revis-to-NFC West talk

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers have shown up as possible trade destinations for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

I just don't see it happening, for simple reasons.

The 49ers have not made big-ticket acquisitions in free agency or via trade since the team was rebuilding its roster five-plus years ago. They prefer to reward their own players. Why would the 49ers suddenly depart from this philosophy after reaching the Super Bowl? There is no reason to think they would.

The Seahawks have been more active in trades and free agency recently. But if they acquired Revis and signed him to a lucrative extension, they would eventually have to pay their own top corner, Richard Sherman, at least as much money.

Why funnel significant resources into a position of strength when there's no guarantee Revis will be as good as Sherman following knee surgery? Why give up draft compensation for the right to overpay a veteran when the Seahawks have fared so well in the draft? There is no good reason unless the Jets offer Revis at a discounted price.

All of this assumes the Jets are interested in trading Revis. They might not be. Their general manager, John Idzik, is new to the job and has said the team has work to do before making significant roster decisions.

Seattle and San Francisco make interesting potential trade partners this offseason because both could be looking to shop quarterbacks. The Seahawks' Matt Flynn and the 49ers' Alex Smith figure to be available. The Jets need a quarterback, but they also have serious salary cap limitations. It'll take some creativity from Idzik and other teams to reach deals that make sense for all parties.