Ravens' biggest plays of the season

As you get ready for the Ravens to play in the Super Bowl, you can reminisce on how they got to this point. Dean Oliver from ESPN Stats & Information takes a look at the plays that most improved their chances of winning through the regular season and playoffs.

The top play was Justin Tucker's 47-yard field goal that won a double-overtime playoff game in Denver. The second, of course, was Joe Flacco's 70-yard touchdown bomb to Jacoby Jones, which sent that game into overtime.

The two players who were involved in the most big plays were Tucker and Jones. Tucker made the list three times with game-winning kicks. Jones was on there for that 70-yard touchdown in the playoffs, a pass interference penalty that he drew from New England's Devin McCourty and his 107-yard kickoff return touchdown against Dallas.

All of the plays were based on how much it increased the Ravens' win probability. Math was never my strong suit (I have college records to support that), but I'm not sure how Ray Rice converting fourth-and-29 only ranks No. 7 on that list. Without that play, the Ravens may not have won the division, which would've put them on the road for the first round of the playoffs.