James Carville: New Orleans is a culture

NEW ORLEANS -- Super Bowl host committee chairman James Carville just delivered perhaps the best quote I’ve ever heard about New Orleans.

“The truth of the matter is we don’t have to create anything in New Orleans," Carville said in a host committee press conference Monday afternoon. “It’s here. It’s been here for 294 years."

Carville then threw out some numbers that drove his point home. He said the Dallas area operated with a $38 million budget to put on its Super Bowl two years ago and Indianapolis had $25 million budget for last year’s game.

According to Carville, New Orleans’ budget is $13 million.

That’s a tribute to the fact New Orleans already has such a strong infrastructure. The downtown area is filled with hotels, bars and restaurants. There’s a strong live-music scene and the weather (it’s in the 70s right now) is nice.

“This is not just a city," Carville said. “This is a culture."