Football Today: Mike Sando vs. Ross Tucker

NEW ORLEANS -- The Super Bowl isn't the only draw in New Orleans this week.

Pro Football Hall of Fame voting takes place Saturday. Ross Tucker and I took an insider's look at the voting process during a special edition of the Football Today podcast from New Orleans.

It was great getting together with Ross to tape the podcast from Radio Row. Thanks to Jay Soderberg for the production work.

Ross and I covered the game in detail and debated which team was most likely to win. He's leaning toward the Ravens and buying into the "team of destiny" idea. I feel as though the Ravens are the best story, but the 49ers have the better team.

We're hearing a lot about Ray Lewis, and rightfully so, but I think that's distracting us from things that matter more. The two best inside linebackers in this game play for the 49ers -- NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis -- but Lewis gets more attention than either combined. Likewise, there's much talk about how well Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is playing, and rightfully so, but Colin Kaepernick has been as good or better by important measures.