A few minutes with Arizona's Bruce Arians

NEW ORLEANS -- I caught up with new Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians near radio row in the New Orleans Convention Center and wanted to pass along thoughts from him on this Friday before Super Bowl XLVII.

What is the scope of this job? Are we talking about a culture change? Being just a quarterback away?

Arians: I think the roster is pretty solid. At this point in the year, all rosters change. We're going to do the best we can to improve our roster. Defensively, a lot of the pieces to the puzzle are in place. Offensively, we need to get some guys healthy, evaluate our quarterback position and if there is a guy behind door No. 2 that could help us more, we might go that way. Or we'll make the ones we have better.

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Is this a healthy organization?

Arians: Totally. I think there is great leadership. That was why the biggest thing that thrilled me about the opportunity was Steve Keim, Jason Licht and Michael Bidwill. The restructuring of the front office and where they are headed is exactly what I want to be a part of.

What about staff size? The Cardinals had the smallest coaching staff in the NFC West last season.

Arians: We might have one or two more young guys. We will look at bringing some bright, young coaches along in some roles that might be a little different than some people have had in the past. But i think it's similar. I think you can have too many coaches.

Where are you at in the evaluation of Kevin Kolb and the potential renegotiation of his contract?

Arians: We haven't even started yet. I'm looking forward to meeting with Kevin and we'll cross that bridge as soon as we have to. I've seen enough film to know that he is good enough, but we have to protect him a lot better. When he is healthy, he has had some good moments. He has had some not-so-good moments. We have to protect him better, run the ball better.

Andrew Luck threw a lot of downfield passes when you were with him in Indianapolis last season. In theory, those plays take longer to develop. How much might you have to adjust your approach based on the personnel in Arizona?

Arians: You look at what you've got, but I do like to throw the ball vertically up the field. Once you get an established running game, you can hit big shots up the field off your play-action passes. With the receiving crew we have, we would be crazy not to put the ball upfield.