Ahmad Bradshaw's feet fail him again

NEW ORLEANS -- The New York Giants have decisions to make this offseason at running back, and central to those decisions is the physical condition of Ahmad Bradshaw, who apparently had more foot surgery this offseason. Per The Star-Ledger:

The Giants running back said he had the screw in his right foot replaced with a larger one 10 days ago. The recovery timetable is 10 weeks, he said.

"It was giving me a little bit of problems, and now I feel a whole lot better," Bradshaw said, after an autograph signing at the NFL Experience. "I just went through too much this year."

Bradshaw had the original screw inserted after the 2009 season, after fracturing a bone in each foot. He suffered another fracture in the 2011 season at a different spot in the right foot, and opted for a stem-cell treatment that encouraged healing instead of surgery last March.

Bradshaw's a tough guy and a good guy and easy to root for. But as he points out later in that same story, there's a chance his inability to get through a season without serious foot problems could cost him a chance to continue his career with the Giants. They like 2012 first-round draft pick David Wilson, and they got good production last season out of Andre Brown, who's a free agent and coming off of a broken leg. Bradshaw is scheduled to make $3.75 million in 2013, and has another year on his contract after that, and the Giants project to be over the salary cap.

So yes, decisions to make for the Giants at this key position. It's hard to believe they're ready to just hand a starter's workload to Wilson at this point, and they value Bradshaw for his pass-protection ability even when he's not running at full strength. But they have a lot of other holes to address this offseason, not the least of which is the free-agent left side of their offensive line, and they could reach a point at which it doesn't make financial sense or roster-space sense to keep Bradshaw when they can't trust him to stay on the field.