No Hall of Fame for Art Modell

NEW ORLEANS -- Art Modell, the former Browns and Ravens owner, will not make the Hall of Fame this year.

Modell, who was perhaps the most controversial finalist, didn't make the first cut when the field was narrowed from 15 to 10 candidates. He has been a semifinalist for eight of the past nine years, and was a finalist in 2002 and 2013.

Modell wasn't expected to make the Hall of Fame this year. The favorite to make the Hall of Fame as a contributor is coach Bill Parcells.

The biggest roadblock for Modell remains his relocation of the Browns to Baltimore in 1996. There are four owners in the Hall of Fame who have moved their franchises: Dan Reeves (Rams), Al Davis (Raiders), Lamar Hunt (Chiefs) and George Preston Marshall (Redskins).

"I do think he’s the most accomplished person in the history of the NFL that is not in," Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said this week.

In a SportsNation poll this week, 50 percent said Modell should make the Hall, while 45 percent were against it (5 percent was undecided).

Ravens offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden and Steelers running back Jerome Bettis are among the 10 finalists.