Rulebook on emergencies and unfair acts

NEW ORLEANS -- Power has been compromised here in the Superdome with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Power just returned to the pressbox. The Superdome is now brighter than it was recently. Players are huddling as if the game could resume shortly.

The NFL rule book calls for interrupted games to be rescheduled on a later date if they cannot be completed on the day they started. We're a long way from that happening, of course.

"If an emergency interrupts a postseason game and such game cannot be resumed on that same date," the rulebook reads, "the commissioner will make every effort to arrange for its completion as soon as possible. If unable to schedule the game at the same site, he will select an appropriate alternate site. He will terminate the game short of completion only if in his judgment the game would not be normally expected to alter the ultimate result."