The Eagles' QB hunt will go on

If you have not been reading our NFL draft blog, then... well, you should be. Yeah, it's Insider, but if you're not an Insider subscriber... well, you should be. Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, for instance, are missing out on this recent entryInsider from Steve Muench. He has names of potential draft targets, in the first round and beyond, at tackle, cornerback, safety, outside linebacker and nose tackle. Right? You know you want some of that. Go sign up for Insider right now and come back. I'll wait.

Back? Good. Steve also has a rundown on the Eagles' quarterback situation, now and going forward. Steve's not convinced, in spite of last week's signings of Michael Vick and Dennis Dixon, that the Eagles have their quarterback of the future on their current roster. And fair enough. They're not real convincing. But as Steve points out, the draft options this year aren't real appealing. Especially if you're of the stubborn belief that Chip Kelly can only coach offense if his quarterback is really fast:

Problem is, the 2013 class is weak, with no one in the top 10 built to run Kelly's system. West Virginia's Geno Smith, NC State's Mike Glennon and Arkansas' Tyler Wilson are pocket passers. There isn't an intriguing sleeper further down the board either, so the Eagles are best served waiting to fill this need and keeping an eye on 2014 prospect Tajh Boyd (Clemson). Yes, it's early to talk about next year's draft class, but Boyd's athleticism and quick release are too intriguing not to mention.

You know where I come down on this. If Kelly sees something in Smith, Glennon, Wilson or Matt Barkley, I don't think he's going to pass (at the right pick) just because the guy's not "built to run his system." There are all kinds of ways to skin an offensive NFL cat, and Kelly's been hired to devise new ones as much as he's been hired because his old one worked in the Pac-12. If he falls in love with one of this year's quarterbacks and can get him, don't all go scratching your heads just because the guy doesn't look as though he could have played at Oregon last year.

The central point, however, remains. There don't appear to be quarterbacks in this year's draft with whom coaches are falling in love. And the Vick signing stands as a nice stopgap measure while the Eagles continue to look for a long-range solution.