Tag developments on Cox and Cook

INDIANAPOLIS -- We’ve got a couple franchise tag developments in the AFC South.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union spoke to Jaguars general manager David Caldwell, who said the Jaguars won’t be using their tag. That means talented but injury-prone cornerback Derek Cox is likely to test the market.

Cox could be a cornerstone guy in Jacksonville, where productive corner options are limited. But he gets banged up and misses too many games. Giving him a one-year deal worth about $10.6 million wouldn’t have been fiscally responsible in my eyes.

Cox said his goal is a long-term deal with the Jaguars before March 12 when free agency opens.

And Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean reports that tight end Jared Cook seeks to be classified as a wide receiver to earn a tag that is significantly bigger. The tight end number will be around $6 million while receiver is about $10.5 million.

While Cook lined up in the slot a lot and wide at times, that doesn’t change what he is. He was drafted as a tight end. He works with the tight ends in practice. I doubt he’s ever sat in the receivers meeting room when a tight-end meeting was taking place.

Plenty of tight ends who are far better than Cook do a lot of receiving work. They are still tight ends.

Ultimately an arbitrator could resolve the issue.

I think it’s a real long-shot, and probably not a wise one to pursue unless he’s determined to make things contentious.