Reggie Bush and the Atlanta Falcons?

I’m hearing from a fair amount of Atlanta fans that think the Falcons should go after running back Reggie Bush.

It’s become increasingly obvious that Michael Turner is on his way out and the Falcons need to get a running back in free agency or the college draft. If he’s not re-signed by the Miami Dolphins, Bush will become a free agent in March.

Bush to the Falcons? I just don’t see it because the Falcons basically already have Bush. They have Jacquizz Rodgers, who pretty much is a younger version of Bush. Like Bush, Rodgers has nice speed, can run well inside, can run a little between the tackles and can catch passes out of the backfield.

Unlike Bush, Rodgers has no injury history and very little wear and tear. I’d rather have Rodgers than Bush. And I don’t think it would make much sense for the Falcons to have both Rodgers and Bush. They’re the same type of back, so you would only be diluting their talents by putting them together.

The Falcons need to add a running back that’s different from Rodgers. They need to get someone that’s a little bit bigger and more of a power runner. I think they can get someone like Wisconsin’s Montee Ball sometime after the first round of the draft.

Someone like that would be a nice complement to Rodgers. Someone like Bush would be a detriment to Rodgers because you would only be adding more of what you already have.