Cullen Jenkins and Packers injury trends

During a Twitter conversation Monday, I noted that injuries were an issue for defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins when he played for the Green Bay Packers but that he started 32 consecutive games after signing with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. The statement prompted this response from @Mr_JoshEarly:

"[T]hat's because GB constantly has players getting injured, but never seem to address the underlying issue."

For the record, I have no idea yet if the Packers would consider bringing back Jenkins, who turned 32 last month. They have spent the past two years looking for his replacement, and the likeliest candidate -- 2012 second-round draft pick Jerel Worthy -- might not be ready for training camp because of a late-season knee injury. So I suppose we shouldn't rule it out.

From a larger perspective, though, @Mr_JoshEarly's response provides an avenue to pass along that the Packers are in fact attempting to address their rash of injuries over the past few seasons. Coach Mike McCarthy said at the NFL scouting combine that "we have spent a lot of time talking about it" and that more conversations are forthcoming.

"I can just tell you this," McCarthy said. "We're looking at everything. It involves every facet of our program, as far as how they're being treated, how they're being trained, who they are, the categories of injuries, how many injuries in each category. Every injury that we have, the video tape is looked at, the history of the individual. We're definitely looking at it."

I know many of you want more action than internal discussions and studies. Perhaps we'll see that in the coming months. But for now, it seems clear the Packers aren't willing to write off their injury trends as a fluke.