Steven Jackson and the Falcons?

One of the hot topics at a relatively quiet time of year is the future of St. Louis running back Steven Jackson.

He reportedly will void the final year of his contract and become a free agent. That’s brought all sorts of talk that Jackson could land with the Atlanta Falcons.

The move makes sense on a lot of levels. The Falcons are expected to part ways with Michael Turner, who did not have a great 2012 season. Atlanta needs to get better in the running game.

Is Jackson the answer?

He could be -- in the short term. Although Jackson is about to turn 30, he still is playing at a high level. He’s a solid all-purpose back, and pairing him with Jacquizz Rodgers would give the Falcons a better backfield than they had last year when Turner and Rodgers shared time.

I think I’d still rather see the Falcons draft a running back to go with Rodgers, because it would give them two guys with low mileage.

But I wouldn’t be totally opposed to them bringing in Jackson, if they can swing it under the salary cap. At Jackson’s age, he might only be around for a year or two. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Falcons obviously are a team that’s in a win-now mode, and bringing in Jackson could help them win.