A cornerback name for the Giants

Our Insider series "Offseason Playbook" recently took a look at the New York Giants, citing cornerback as the team's top need this offseason. Each of these entries offer the name of a potential free-agent target who would realistically fit in terms of scheme and budget, and for the Giants the pick is unrestricted Detroit Lions free-agent cornerback Chris Houston.

Per Field YatesInsider:

Houston is a speed corner who played the best football of his career in 2011 when the upstart Lions were able to create consistent pressure on quarterbacks.

The Giants, like Detroit, have a desire to create pressure from their defensive line, and if Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul produce in 2013 at the level they did in previous seasons before 2012, it should alleviate the stress on the Giants' secondary.

Houston isn't a lockdown cornerback, but given the market and New York's available spending limits, he's a value addition with upside in the Giants' defense.

Now, I know, the idea of a Detroit cornerback as anyone's solution sounds pretty funny. But remember what this exercise is. Field is not reporting that the Giants are interested in Houston. He's suggesting him as someone who might fit what they do and augment what they have without forcing them to spend big in free agency, which they don't love to do. So take it for what it's worth and appreciate that some thought went into it.

A lot depends on what happens, of course, with Corey Webster and his $7 million cap number, and whether they bring back safety Kenny Phillips. And there are other needs, of course, including linebacker and running back and offensive line. But I thought I'd throw this out there since you guys always ask for names.