Jets would be wise to go after Kevin Kolb

The New York Jets have been looking far and wide for legitimate quarterback competition for Mark Sanchez. The best the Jets could do so far was David Garrard, who hasn't thrown a pass in the regular season since 2010.

But another enticing option emerged for the Jets on Friday when the Arizona Cardinals released former starter Kevin Kolb. New York would be wise to go after Kolb's services. In fact, there are reasons to believe the Jets may be the favorites.

Kolb spent the early part of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles developing under Marty Mornhinweg, who is now the offensive coordinator in New York. Kolb is proficient in the West Coast offense and knows Mornhinweg's version of the system well. Kolb also will have a chance to compete for a starting job in New York, which has to be appealing.

As usual, a potential Jets-Kolb marriage could come down to money. The Jets have a tight salary cap and must be careful not to be outbid by other teams with deeper pockets. Matt Cassel recently signed a one-year, $4 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings, and Kolb may get similar offers on the open market. If the Jets get into a bidding war, that would lower New York's chances.

Kolb is not the long-term solution for a quarterback to build a team around. But right now the Jets need competency at quarterback during this rough rebuilding stage. Kolb certainly fits that description.

Unless the Jets are falling asleep at the wheel in free agency, expect New York to be strong contenders for Kolb.