What's next for Broncos, Dumervil?

In the aftermath of the Great Elvis Dumervil Fax Machine Debacle, the Denver Broncos and Dumervil's agent, Marty Magid, have been playing the blame game.

John Elway even released this very pointed, detailed statement.

The bottom line is this wasn’t the first deadline deal in the history of the NFL. Deadline deals happen all the time and they usually finish cleanly. The truth is the ball was in the agent’s hands at the buzzer and it was his final responsibility.

But all either side can do now is move on and solve the issue. Let’s look at options for both sides:

Dumervil: The deal that was left on the fax machine was for $8 million this year. That has been the top dollar this year for a pass-rusher. I doubt Dumervil will command that on the open market. He can shop for the best offer and take it and hope to get as close to the money he gave up as possible. It may be difficult. He can also re-open the line of communication and try to get the best deal possible from the Broncos. A few hours ago, Dumervil felt that was his best option. Perhaps he still feels that way.

Broncos: In a lot of ways the ball is now in their court. They are mad. Once they cool down, they could re-visit signing Dumervil. They must realize the mistake was not with the player. Because of dead money, about four million, it is unlikely Denver will be able to give Dumervil $8 million again. But they if they can get creative, they should think abut. Obviously, Denver felt keeping Dumervil was its best option.

Passing on Dumervil means looking for another pass-rusher. The first player to come to mind is Dwight Freeney. John Abraham and Richard Seymour are also options. Dumervil is probably better than those players, but he might be more expensive.

Whatever happens, Dumervil needs a job and Denver need a pass-rusher. And we all thought this one was over.