Owners meetings perfect time to shop Revis

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson continues to push his somewhat confusing company line on star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

"If somebody wants to make an offer, for any of our players, we'd always listen. [But] we’re not actively beating the bushes," Johnson said Sunday at the NFL owners meetings.

What Johnson is really saying is he'd love to trade Revis for the right price. However, the Jets don't want to give the public impression that they’re actively shopping their best player.

This rhetoric from the Jets is getting old. They continue to try to play both sides of the fence with Revis. New York wants to generate enough trade interest in Revis to get good offers while not upsetting its best player.

But if the Jets want to trade Revis, the NFL owners meetings are the perfect time to shop the star cornerback. Every team is in Arizona this week. It’s one-stop shopping to discuss business face to face.

There are reports that the Jets have already been in trade talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers. Those talks could continue this week and may even intensify.

New York will probably lose Revis to free agency next year because the team simply cannot afford him. It makes perfect sense to get something for Revis now, especially since the Jets are not contenders and are rebuilding under new general manager John Idzik.

This week the Jets would be wise to stop focusing on spin with Revis and work diligently on finding the best trade to help the franchise move forward.