Should Darren McFadden be traded?

There has been some speculation the Oakland Raiders would be interested in trading running back Darren McFadden if the price is right.

On one hand, it is understandable. The Raiders are rebuilding and they need more draft picks. They do not have a second or fifth-round pick. McFadden is in the final year of his contract and he is often injured.

However, McFadden is one of the better players on the roster and the backfield is dangerously thin. Because of an expiring contract, the lack of value of veteran running backs, and his injury history, I don’t think the Raiders could get a premium pick. I think a mid-round pick is the best they could do.

Would it be worth getting rid of one the Raiders’ best player for a mid-round pick? I understand the team has to rebuild, but it also has to compete.

Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie has been quoted as saying he would like to pursue a long-term deal for McFadden this summer. So, the team clearly likes McFadden.

Unless a trade partner overwhelms the Raiders, I doubt he will be dealt. And I doubt they will get an overwhelming offer.