Did Elvis Dumervil make the wrong choice?

There's no doubt that the Baltimore Ravens made the right decision in agreeing to terms with Elvis Dumervil on Sunday. But did Dumervil make the right choice?

ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha believes Dumervil lost his best chance at a Super Bowl by picking Baltimore over Denver:

The Broncos are clearly the class of the AFC going into the 2013 season. Even with the recent screw-up that led to the team dumping Dumervil at the last minute for salary-cap considerations -- his paperwork didn't reach the Broncos in time to make his restructured contract valid by the NFL deadline -- Denver was looking increasingly more like the runaway conference favorite.

Chadiha is right that the Broncos are the favorites in the AFC. The Broncos and Patriots have to be considered the top two teams in the conference. But it's not like Dumervil chose the Jaguars or Jets. He went to the Ravens, who are still a top-10 team in the ESPN.com power rankings.

Dumervil might be able to measure his new team against his old one very early in the season. It is believed the top three teams in the running to host the Ravens in the season-opening game are Denver, Pittsburgh and Chicago.