Awaiting 'imminent' deal for Matt Flynn

Analyzing a potential trade involving Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn would be easier if we knew a few pertinent details.

2013 Draft Choices by Round

Such as, what will the Seahawks get in return? Will the deal go through for sure? Are the Oakland Raiders the team acquiring Flynn? From there, we can ask whether current Raiders starter Carson Palmer might wind up in Arizona, among other things.

For now, we can revisit some of the salary-cap implications. Flynn's contract counts $7.25 million against the Seahawks' 2013 cap if he is on the roster. The deal counts $4 million against the Seahawks' cap if the team trades him. The deal counts $5.25 million against the acquiring team's cap unless that team works out a new contract.

Seattle could come out ahead on the balance sheet and in the draft if the team could find a backup for cheaper than $3.25 million while adding draft capital from the Raiders.

The chart shows which picks the Raiders and Seahawks hold in each round. ESPN's Ed Werder reported a Flynn deal as "imminent" without naming which team would be acquiring the quarterback. Subsequent reports from other outlets have named the Raiders.

Seattle signed Flynn last offseason to a three-year deal with $19.5 million, with $10 million guaranteed. The team then drafted Russell Wilson, who beat out Flynn and established himself as a franchise quarterback.