Momentum for Matthews, Rodgers deals

BRISTOL, Conn. -- So the biggest story I missed during Wednesday's meeting here at the ESPN mother ship came from Adam Schefter, who reported the Green Bay Packers are not only close to a contract agreement with quarterback Aaron Rodgers but also with linebacker Clay Matthews.

Matthews' deal will average at least $13 million per year and probably more, according to Schefter. Rodgers' deal will average up to $25 million.

The anticipation is that the agent for both players wants to have the deals complete by the time the Packers begin their offseason program on April 15. If you're asking, "or what," I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't think Rodgers would stay away, which would threaten a $500,000 workout bonus, considering his contract is two years away from expiration.

Matthews' deal would expire after the 2013 season. He has a $40,000 workout bonus available at the moment, but it might be a moot point. If the sides are narrowing down parameters to about $13 million per year, chances seem reasonable that it could get done by April 15. More to come, I'm sure.