Charles Woodson trying to stay patient

Many of you have been wondering what will become of former Green Bay Packers defensive back Charles Woodson, who has taken one free-agent visit since the Packers released him in February. It sounds as if Woodson is wondering the same thing.

Appearing Friday on "NFL AM" on the NFL Network, Woodson says he is having no "substantial" talks with any team and is "just waiting around" for interest to develop. He visited the San Francisco 49ers a few weeks ago, but the 49ers since have signed veteran cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

"Just have to be a little patient," Woodson said of his current mindset. "I will land somewhere and help somebody win."

Even so, the relative inactivity surrounding a still-productive and surefire Hall of Fame player has been eye-opening.

"That just how it goes with older guys in the NFL," Woodson said. "I am 36 years old, so of course, I am considered ancient in the game right now. If you are an older guy, they kind of push you to the side and maybe they will look at you later down the road and when they figure they can get you much cheaper than what you are asking for. I don't worry too much about it right now."

Woodson described himself as "seasoning salt," as in: "You can put me in anything and I will make it better."

I'm sure you're wondering if this process could lead its way back to Green Bay. You never say never, but I'm guessing the Packers have moved on. It's hard to imagine Woodson not ultimately finding a landing place, but for the moment his 2013 destination is a mystery.