Another twist in Darrelle Revis saga

It had appeared as if the unofficial deadline for the New York Jets would be the NFL draft. But Rich Cimini has uncovered a new twist in the Darrelle Revis saga.

Cimini reports that Revis has $3 million in bonus money tied to his showing up for offseason workouts, which begin April 15.

That could create some urgency for the Jets to trade the cornerback. Aside from the financial implications, even having Revis show up for workouts when it’s universally known he’s on the trading block could cause major distractions for a team that already has plenty of distractions.

All of that could work to the advantage of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They’re the only team that’s emerged as a serious contender to make a trade for Revis. Numerous reports have indicated the Jets want Tampa Bay’s first-round pick in either 2013 or 2014 as compensation.

It appears the Bucs have been dragging their feet, but that might be their best move. By putting the Jets up against an April 15 deadline, there’s a chance New York could get desperate and lower the compensation demands.