Jets keep pushing Darrelle Revis' buttons

Just when you thought the New York Jets could not add more to the Darrelle Revis saga, the team provides yet another layer.

ESPNNewYork.com’s Rich Cimini reports the Jets are requiring Revis to attend offseason workouts on April 15 in order to collect $3 million. Keep in mind that Revis is rehabbing a torn ACL in Arizona and is still not 100 percent.

So what exactly can Revis do with one good leg at Jets headquarters this spring? Not much. That is why it's surprising New York is requiring Revis to show up.

If anything, Revis' presence could be uncomfortable for both the player and the team. Revis is unhappy because the Jets are shopping him to the highest bidder. Why invite another potential distraction?

Translation: This is another sign of New York pushing its best player's buttons.

Revis is currently rehabbing his knee in Arizona, where he is in his comfort zone. But the Jets have made his offseason anything but comfortable. New York kept Revis in the dark about trade discussions and continues to spin the situation in various ways. The Jets know they cannot keep Revis long term and are doing what they can to trade him.

Revis has no choice but to show up for workouts next week. There is no reason to leave $3 million on the table. Perhaps this jumpstarts more trade talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or other teams before the NFL draft.

I wrote last week that there is no reason Revis should be on the Jets’ roster in Week 1. Both sides are past the point of no return in their strained relationship. This is yet another example that Revis and the Jets are no longer a long-term match.