It's coffee and cardio for Dave Caldwell

Dave Caldwell is living the life of a first-year general manager in his first months.

That means long days, little sleep and plenty of caffeine.

His first executive decision at Jacksonville Jaguars team headquarters was to bring in Keurig coffee machines. He drinks his coffee black.

“My intake is up exponentially,” he said.

But while he doesn’t put sugar in his coffee, his nervous energy has him eating a lot of candy.

He does his best to offset that with 40 minutes of cardio work as soon as he gets to the office, usually around 6 a.m. He also squeezes in a short, head-clearing bike ride in the evening before he sits down with coach Gus Bradley for conversations about draft scenarios and all sorts of other stuff that can extend to 11 p.m.

Caldwell’s scouting staff gathers Monday to start the final round of pre-draft meetings.

But even before the group dives in to finalize a draft board, he said there is consensus among his people that the team will be happy drafting one of two players second overall.

As for a potential trade, the ones he’s seen unfold up close as a front-office executive working with Thomas Dimitroff in Atlanta and Bill Polian in Indianapolis have gone both ways -- so Caldwell said those experiences won’t really color his thinking if he gets a good offer.

In 2011, Atlanta swapped its first-round pick, 27th overall, as well as its 2012 first-rounder, 2011 second- and fourth-rounders and a 2012 fourth-rounder to Cleveland for the sixth overall pick and drafted receiver Julio Jones, who’s been outstanding.

In 2007, the Colts dealt their 2008 first-rounder to San Francisco for a second-round pick they used on offensive tackle Tony Ugoh, who busted.

In 2001, Indianapolis traded the 22nd pick in the draft to the New York Giants, netting the 30th pick and third- and sixth-round choices. The Colts drafted receiver Reggie Wayne at 30, and that turned out awfully well for them.