Darrelle Revis must take high road

Darrelle Revis is upset. The star cornerback feels slighted and probably somewhat embarrassed that the New York Jets are shopping him to the highest bidder.

For a player as talented and prideful as Revis, showing up to a Jets camp where he doesn't feel wanted is probably the last thing he wants to do next week. However, professionalism must prevail.

Revis needs to do the right thing and simply take the high road with the Jets. All ill feelings must be left at the door.

Revis must approach this awkward situation as stoically as possible. He should come to work quietly, rehab his surgically repaired knee and not make any waves during the Jets’ offseason program. After all, Revis has three million reasons (i.e., $3 million) to hide his true emotions from the Jets and the media.

If Revis causes a ruckus next week, that only makes his situation worse. Prospective suitors -- perhaps the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- will only see an unhappy man. Would the Buccaneers or another team be less inclined to trade multiple draft picks for a pouty, disgruntled player?

The focus for Revis is the same: Get his knee back to 100 percent. The only thing that has changed is the offseason scenery, from Arizona to northern New Jersey. Yes, the Jets could have let Revis stay where he's most comfortable. But nothing about this Jets-Revis saga has been comfortable. This is par for the course.

Revis could be at Jets camp next week and gone the week after -- just before the NFL draft. Until then, it's important for Revis to drown out the noise and not put his own spin on the circus atmosphere we're accustomed to seeing with the Jets.