Are instructors talking on Tebow's behalf?

Last week, former NFL player and quarterback instructor Jeff Garcia ripped the New York Jets for keeping Tim Tebow on their roster.

"If there's going to be competition at the quarterback position, it's not going to come from Tim Tebow," Garcia said. "Having Tebow there (last season) just became a distraction, more of a circus show. It's their decision, but from an outsider looking in, having Tebow there doesn't bring anything positive. It just brings distraction.”

This week, a second Tebow instructor laid down the verbal gauntlet on the Jets.

“I think in Tim's case, they walked him into New York and said, 'We've got four plays for you. You execute these four plays and that's all you're going to get,'” Steve Clarkson said, according to a report in the Newark Star-Ledger. "Well, when you walk on the field and that's all you practice, and you don't get any meaningful reps and you walk into a game and basically the defense is telling your offensive line basically where the ball is going to go, it's pretty depressing and it doesn't give you much room for hope."

Are these statements a coincidence? Probably not.

In some ways, it appears Garcia and Clarkston are talking on Tebow’s behalf. The popular quarterback with a large following most likely shares the same vision and frustrations with the Jets but would never utter these words publicly to protect his image. However, there is a good chance Tebow had these kinds of conversations behind the scenes with his two quarterback instructors during workouts. Garcia and Clarkston are free to voice their issues with the Jets. Tebow is not -- certainly while he's still under contract with New York.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, this is possibly a sly way of Tebow getting his point across without getting his hands dirty. Publicly, Tebow can explain to the media how happy he is to still have an opportunity with the Jets and that he will continue to work hard in New York unless he's traded or released. But privately Tebow's opinions are probably much closer to his two quarterback instructors who currently are lashing out to the media.

For the record, Clarkston was way off on one evaluation. He has a conspiracy theory that Tebow was purposefully sent to New York to ruin Mark Sanchez's career and the Jets’ season. Clarkston seems to forget that Tebow had a choice between the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York, and Tebow chose the Jets.

But other than that, it's hard to disagree with the points Clarkston and Garcia made over the past week. Tebow never got a fair shake in New York, and it’s simply best that the two sides part ways sooner than later.