Gettleman expects two starters from draft

Dave Gettleman may be a first-time general manager. But he already has mastered the art of not revealing too much at his pre-draft news conference.

Gettleman wouldn’t get into any specific prospects and wouldn’t reveal much about his draft strategy (although he did say the Panthers won’t be trying to trade up in the first round). Perhaps the most significant thing Gettleman said is that he expects the Panthers to get two starters out of this draft.

The draft is more important than ever for the Panthers. With a tight salary-cap situation, they haven’t done much in free agency. Their cap situation next year isn’t going to be much better.

That means the only way the Panthers can improve over the next couple of years is through the draft.

They have needs at defensive back, defensive tackle and on the offensive line. If they can get starters at two of those positions, Gettleman’s first draft will be a success.